About Us

The Surgery Center of Southern Oregon was established in 1997 to better meet the needs of the patients in Southern Oregon and Northern California who require outpatient surgery.


Convenient, Comfortable, & Cost-Effective

To provide our patients with the best quality of surgical care with convenience, cooperation, efficiency, and cost effectiveness in a comfortable and pleasant outpatient environment. Through physician involvement we can ensure that the energy spent in these pursuits will benefit our patients and community directly.

It is our intention that the energy spent in excellent operations of this center will reap benefits to our patient; staff, physicians and community far greater than our individual efforts would produce in enhancing the health care in Southern Oregon.

Convenient, Comfortable, & Cost-Effective
Advanced, Attentive, & Accredited

Advanced, Attentive, & Accredited

Our facility in Medford, Oregon combines the most advanced technology, treatment, surgery techniques, and physician expertise in the most cost-effective setting. In addition, our facility is designed to minimize the stress associated with traditional surgery settings.

We are AAAHC accredited, which is the highest level of accreditation for ambulatory surgery centers. To pass this accreditation, rigid standards must be met in patient safety, infection control, anesthesia services, instrumentation, and quality controls.


What Drives Us


We create an environment that enables individuals to thrive through collaboration.


We take responsibility for upholding our standards and commitments to each other and patients.


We commit to providing the highest quality service and care to our patients.


We intentionally foster a supportive culture that promotes fulfillment, compassion, and connection.


We value each other by demonstrating care, kindness, and trust.


Experience Exceptional Care & Outcomes

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